V. Sattui 125th Anniversary Event

I was very fortunate yesterday to attend the hundred and 25th anniversary of the V. Sattui winery here in the Napa Valley. They have some really great speakers and it was a very small invited guest list of about 75 people. It was really great to hear Darío’s story about his forming the winery and all the trials and tribulations that were involved in that. I also got to meet his niece Danika who does a lot tweeting here about the Napa Valley and she seems like a wonderful young woman. Although the audio in the restaurant was not very good the speakers that were there to present their information did the best they could.
We also took a short walk to the original property where the winery was founded over 100 years ago. Course the building is totally different now and quite a wreck.

We tried a family Madeira wine that was simply off the hook good and were presented with a wonderful bottle of port just for coming… now that’s graciousness!