New Quote for the day

The steps to greatness are simple
Dream Big
Believe in the Dream
Bring the dream to a plan
Take Action on the plan

Wayne Law

Anthony Robles on Ellen

Really proud of this young man and who he has become.   The fact that he is cashing in on his efforts I applaud as well.  Seeing him at the Winners conference last year as well as matches that I worked scoring tables for at the PAC-10 wrestling finals at Davis showed me his determination to be a champ.  He fell short his Junior year and got only 4th but his senior year was just amazing.  He was on fire the entire tournament.  Here is a link to the Ellen show….he was also on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno just like a month ago.

Best to you Anthony!

Here is the Link to his show with Ellen

Learning as you go

Surprising what you can learn about yourself daily.  Sometimes the “lack” of things opens your eyes to other things you have been missing.  I have been very lucky to find more extended family of late (cousins Sam and Maureen) and can’t believe how much Sam and I are alike.  Been very rewarding day for me.

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My quote for the day

“When people throw judgement your way they are basically telling you their own limitations and insecurities…”

Wayne Law 8/11/2012

Random thoughts

This has been one of the hardest weeks in my life. So much emotions (of which I am in normal control) but so much as changes. All the old cliches come back around that nothing is safe in life. Not our feelings and certainly not our thoughts. We are a ever changing mass of thoughts and no matter how close to perfect we might be…it could be gone in a flash. I have been living much closer to the now these days. God is right…we can’t get attached to things/people/future as they may shift/change/never come. Then again atheists may have it right in that God/Tao is only a strong mental mindset/belief system that we clutch to since it can’t be challenged. We are human. We make mistakes. Why to we harm one another so deeply when all we seek in life is acceptance by one another?

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Creating a Movement

I found this to be very good humor around a very serious subject

Upcoming Training’s!

Man can you see how a snap shop used on a video can make you look mean!

This is a video for upcoming trainings.

If you are in business for yourself

What is the most valuable, and and yet underutilized resource in your business?
For most small businesses, it is your customers – and what they will tell you if you ask them properly.

If you believe this to be true – as I do, then the challenge is determining the best questions to ask them (and then doing so).

Are you pleased with our service?
How can we serve you better?
Is it alright if I get back to you on that?
Why do you do business with us?
What would it look like if we hit the ball out of the park for you on this project?
We’ve all asked these questions. Why? There’s very little risk – and naturally, very little reward too.

Would you pay more for a better product?
What do our competitors do better than us?
What would you do differently if you were the owner of my business?
How are we really doing?
If you couldn’t work with our company, who would be your next choice?
Have you ever considered doing so? Why? When?
Is there anything else?
If you really want to make the most of these tough questions, you have to be prepared to wait for the answers – being completely silent while your customer prepares, and then finally delivers the equally tough response.

Your best customers want you to succeed – both for their benefit and yours. So why aren’t you taking advantage of the opportunity by asking them the tough questions that will give you the information for accomplishing that?
#1 – You don’t have the guts. This is understandable and a personal decision. It’s also one that is preventing you from learning what you need to know for moving your business forward.
#2 – You know they may not give you the truth. This is also understandable. However, if you ask the right questions in a personal, face-to-face situation, you can read the body language to get much of the truth.
#3 – You will indeed get the truth! All the more reason to ask.
People are smart – both you and your customers. However, our society conditions us to play safe. That’s a surefire formula for mediocrity – and possibly failure.
You’ve heard it before: ”You won’t know unless you ask.”
So, why aren’t you asking?

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